Thursday, February 2, 2012

Next Top Model! Monique Weingart parades in string bikini and heels

Tyra Banks looks set to receive a thank you note through the post.
Former America's Next Top Model contestant Monique Weingart put her mentor's supermodel tips into practice and landed herself a job promoting fashion label Etienne Marcel.
The brunette beauty was seen parading on the sand at Huntington Beach in Orange County, California - but a few of the poses looked a little more lads' mag than haute couture.

Thanks for the training Tyra! Monique Weingart, of America's Next Top Model season 16, shoots a commercial for fashion brand Etienne Marcel

In one snapshot, Monique is seen with her arm behind her head, big no-no for the ANTM graduates who are continually told by Tyra that the provocative stance looks too 'top shelf'.
In another image, the Illinois model stands with her back to the camera as she leans on a car bonnet with her legs apart and pouting within an inch of her life beneath the hood of a padded jacket.

Lazing on a sunny afternoon: Monique parades her body on Huntington Beach in Orange County, California

During her time on the programme, the judges were concerned about her 'bombshell' look and worried her photographs would be considered too sexy in the industry rather than high fashion.
Monique, 21, lost out to series winner Brittani Kline in February 2011 after starring on cycle 16 of the infamous reality show which takes aspiring models and transforms them into catwalk queens.

Going Nuts! Monique's seductive pose looks more suited to male magazines than haute couture

She was the sixth contestant to be eliminated out of 14 finalists, just before Ondrei Edwards quit.
At the time, former waitress Monique blamed the stress of the show for being given her marching orders, saying: 'I think that the thing that was holding me back is I wasn't focused, basically.
'I was getting stressed out, letting my emotions get the best of me, and it was just distracting me from the reason why I was there. Now, looking back, I could kick myself, but that's just what happened.'

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