Thursday, February 2, 2012

Anyone see? Rita Rusic�s take off her high-neck dress into yellow bikini on Miami Beach

We rarely see Rita Rusic in anything but a bikini and for once she appeared to be covering up as she hit Miami Beach in a high-neck dress.
But she may as well have not bothered choosing an outfit for the day as she shed her clothes as soon as her feet touched the sand.
And she almost gave onlookers more than they bargained for as she nearly let her chest pop out of her latest swimsuit as she tried to elegantly take the frock off.


Why bother covering up?! Rita Rusic finally put some clothes on and covered her chest, but she shouldn't have made the effort as she stripped at the earliest opportunity

The 51-year-old Italian-Croatian actress has been parading bikini after bikini on her lazy beach days out.
And it was a nice change to see what the rest of her wardrobe is actually like as she lapped up the sun on Saturday.
Rita turned up in an embroidered halterneck dress which fell to the floor, while carrying a matching oversized gold bag.

On show: Within minutes of being on Miami Beach the Italian-Croatian actress unveiled her latest bikini

But the hints of yellow and orange in the pattern were obviously suggesting what costume she was wearing underneath as she later unveiled a bright yellow bikini.
The screen star attempted to pull the dress over her head to reveal to all her amazing beach body.
But she hit a hitch as she struggled to get the outfit over her blonde mane, almost removing the tint string costume underneath.

Almost! But she nearly paraded more than she intended as her bikini came loose while she undressed

Covering up: And she used her dress to contain her modesty as she readjusted her swimsuit

As soon as Rita was free of the dress she clutched her right breast to ensure she was flashing her nipple.
And it turned out her dress had come in handy after all as she used it to cover up her ample curves until she had successfully tightened up the strings again.
After tightening it up, the blonde made herself comfortable on the sun lounger and stretched out for another hard day lapping up the rays.

Pert: The 51-year-old puts women to shame who are half her age thanks to her toned beach body

Anyone see? Rita checked to see if anyone was looking as she tried to regain her modesty and settle down for a day of sun baking

And Relax.... She finally gets to do what she does best - lounge in the sunshine

Her bronzed skin showed up even more as she lay against some white towels.
And she was obviously going for a glam look as the bikini included a silver jewel in between her chest, which matched her pendant necklace.
She completed her latest sun look with a pair of aviator-style shades and lashings of lip gloss.
And who can blame her for flaunting her figure when she looks better in a bikini than females half her age!

How many does she own?! The yellow bikini is Rita's latest costume she's been seen parading around in

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