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Bikini talent! Kelly Brook demonstrates in a Capoeira skills on a Brazilian beach (35 Pics)

Kelly Brook has tried her hand at acting, TV presenting and of course modelling, but here's a skill that remained locked away until now.
The 31-year-old demonstrated her gymnastic abilities while on the beach in Bahia, Brazil to the obvious delight of fellow beachgoers and the men teaching her how to dance.
She took to the sand with aplomb, wearing a rather flimsy bikini, pulling off cartwheels and bouncing around in the sun with a huge smile on her face.

Show me your moves: Kelly Brook partakes in a Capoeira session with an instructor on a Brazilian beach

Kelly showed off her fantastic curvy figure in a floral print bikini, with her hair tied back into a ponytail as she was put through her paces by a Capoeira instructor.
Capoeira is the traditional Brazilian martial art which combines elements of dance - in fact, some of the moves have been adopted by those who practice breakdancing.
It was created by descendants of African slaves with Brazilian native influences around the beginning of the 16th century.

Hidden talent: The model showed off her impressive gymnastics skills during her time on the beach

Hidden talent: The model showed off her impressive gymnastics skills during her time on the beach

Mortal combat: Kelly goes toe to toe with her instructor, unable to take the smile off her face

Much of the dances are made up of quick and complex moves, using mainly power, speed, and leverage for leg sweeps.
At one point Kelly pulled off a perfect cartwheel - stretching her legs out dead straight with her toes pointing towards the sky. 
And she also bent over backwards, literally, as she performed what's known as a back crab. 
She also went toe to toe with one of her instructors pulling off a high kick as he ducked underneath in one of the more common Capoeira moves.

Putting her foot in it: Kelly throws a high kick as he ducks underneath her

You spin me right round: She pulls off a dazzling cartwheel as her instructor looks on with delight

Kelly was taking a break before embarking of filming for new sci-fi fantasy movie Heavy Metal, and perhaps ignoring the ridicule she received last week from Amanda Holden.
The Britain's Got Talent judge praised new panellist Alesha Dixon for having 'a brain' - insinuating Kelly didn't, which is why she was scrapped from series three after just two episodes.
However, Kelly shot back in an interview with Fabulous! magazine lashing out at new judge Alesha Dixon for quitting Strictly Come Dancing for the show.

Bikini beauty: Kelly went for a walk along the beachfront before she got stuck into the Capoeira lesson

She said it was a 'mistake' and branded Britain's Got Talent a 'circus' after criticising Alesha for leaving the 'classy' Strictly Come Dancing - which she has also taken part in.
Kelly said: 'I wish Alesha all the best � it�s a fantastic opportunity. But I thought she was great on Strictly and, personally, if I�d been a Strictly judge there�s nothing that would have taken me from that job.
'Strictly is the most fantastic, �lovely show with a very loyal following and it�s... classy.'
On BGT she said: 'The whole thing is a circus and I don�t want my life to be like that. I�ve got enough drama in my life without having to deal with Simon Cowell�s as well.'
'The only reason I joined was because Simon �persuaded me to do it. Just like he seems to do with everyone.'

Bending over backwards: The model-turned-actress pulls off another impressive move

She appeared happy and relaxed throughout her time on the beach, interacting with the instructors who were obviously pleased with their star pupil.
The former Big Breakfast host is on a girly holiday in Trancoso - a town situated in Porto Seguro in the state of Bahia - with her cousin Sally Griffiths, and it seems she spent most of her time wearing a bikini.
A few days ago she was pictured frolicking on the beach in a bikini bought from a local vendor while last Thursday she even shared her look with her 166,517 followers on Twitter by posting a photo of herself holding a coconut.
With the caption reading: 'Breakfast time.... Grab the Coconuts!!' it was probably safe to say that nobody would have been looking at the piece of fruit.

Centre of attention: Kelly was surrounded by local men as she enjoyed her time on the beach

In the end! Who is yourname, beautiful lady ?

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