Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Audacious! Brazilian model, Leticia Peres coloured bra atop for new filming commercial

All eyes were on Brazilian model Leticia Peres as she flashed the flesh in New York today.
The stunning brunette held up her luminous yellow crop top and showed her flesh-coloured bra during shooting of a new commercial.

Flasher: Brazilian model Leticia Peres stopped traffic in New York today as she flashed her flesh coloured bra atop a convertible while filming a commercial

Peres held her hands behind her head and laughed as she showed off her toned stomach muscles.
From a distance, the star's flesh-coloured strapless bra could have looked like she was baring a little more than her stomach.
The model was riding atop a Mercedes convertible as she shot the scene, and remarkably managed to keep her balance as she was driving along.

Flashing the flesh: The model stood up in the front seat of the black Mercedes-Benz

Audacious: The model looked like she was enjoying herself as she shot the commercial for Axe

She also didn't seem too bothered by the chilly New York winter.
And it seemed the Brazilian born star was channelling her inner hippie for the shoot.
She wore a multi-coloured headband over her hair and an array of beaded bracelets, with grey jeans and a brown belt.

Unruffled: Peres didn't look too bothered at baring her stomach for the cameras, despite the New York winter

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