Monday, January 9, 2012

Brandi Glanville & Camille Grammer�re fury at bikini sunbathing in Glanville's poolside antics

She recently raised eyebrows by drunkenly getting married in Las Vegas.
But in the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Brandi Glanville annoyed one of her co-stars by openly flirting with the woman's husband.
Lisa Vanderpump looked on in horror last night as Brandi, 39, locked lips with Ken Todd, her husband of 30 years.

Kiss kiss: Brandi Glanville gets very friendly with Ken Todd, the husband of one of her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' co-stars, Linda Vanderpump, in the latest episode

And - as if to add insult to injury - the blonde joked that the California socialite was pleased that she showed Ken some attention.
Brandi brazenly said: 'I think Lisa's not really jealous.
'I think she's like: "Please touch him so I don't have to".'

Settling her nerves: Brandi said that she used to take a 'roofie' to get over her fear of flying

Taking in the view: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Camille Grammer, Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump

It seems that the former model wasn't too far from the truth as Lisa went on to say: 'Brandi's drunk and she's on Xanax and she's all over my husband...
'Bloody hell. I'm going to have to put out tonight.'
The housewives' antics were filmed last year on a beach in Hawaii.

Teeny weeny: Brandi's skimpy bikini was the topic of conversation on the latest episode of the reality TV hit

The cast and crew flew out there to celebrate Mauricio Umansky's birthday, the husband of Kyle Richards.
Brandi sunbathed on the beach wearing a skimpy beige bikini, which Lisa commented on.
Her attire was not lost on the married mum, who said: 'That is not a bikini. That's butt floss.'
She also said: 'For God's sake, could she not run that bikini farther up her a**?'
Lisa didn't hold back and made another crass comment, saying: 'I'm not going to beat around the bush.
'It was see-through. There was no bush.'
Brandi - who was married to actor Eddie Cibrian - gave her cast mates plenty of things to talk about.
In addition to trying to get Ken to take off his shirt, she also revealed how she used to overcome her fear of flying.
She openly admitted that she used to self-medicate before she flew, taking the date rate drug Rohypnol. 
The mother-of-two said: 'I was so afraid to fly I used to roofie myself.
'It was awesome.
'I wish I could still do that but it's against the law.'
Kyle's sister Kim wasn't on the trip to Hawaii. But Brandi still spoke about her boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld.
Brandi said: 'I said he was like a bull mastiff.'
And the woman whose husband left her for country singer Leann Rimes, urged her cast mates to have fun.
She told them: 'Loosen up kitty cats. We're on vacation.'

Catching some sun: Brandi gets some rest on a lounger next to co-star Camille Grammer

Barefaced cheek: Brandi flaunts her figure in her string bikini

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