Friday, October 1, 2010

Gemma Arterton�s granny commits suicide

Gemma Arterton�s granny commits suicide
Bond Girl Gemma Arterton�s granny has committed suicide by stabbing herself into heart, an inquest heard. Helen Sarfas, 69, who suffered from manic depression
, was distressed over what she saw as a lack of psychiatric care and used a kitchen knife to stab herself several times while in bed.

Husband Rodney Peacock, 85, discovered her body and found the blade still sticking in her as he tried to wake her at their home in Gillingham, Kent. Gemma, 24 - MI6 agent Strawberry Fields in the Daniel Craig Bond film Quantum of Solace - was not at the hearing. The actress was unhappy when her gran gave a newspaper 'unflattering' childhood pictures of her.

"My nan, God bless her soul, was quite delusional before she died," the Sun quoted Quantum of Solace star as saying. Peacock also said that,� she was unhappy with the psychiatric system. It was bad and must be exposed." He told her family she would have died within 30 seconds of stabbing herself.

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